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Our Testimony

Jesus Christ Saved Us

Hello Brethren, 

We are from Uganda, Africa where more than 67% of the population lives in poverty. Most understand when I share the truth about the $1 daily minimum wage. My dream is to create free hospitals worldwide for all, especially those in Christ Jesus. The year of 2020 has been a challenge but one that has led me to good friends across the world. In the month of May the Lord connected us with two brothers from the USA that helped us grow our ministry. During this time we were without food for days, our clothes were rags, and now all has changed because servants of Jesus Christ have shown compassion on our lives. We are now ministering full time in Uganda, Africa. My families prayers of 2019  were answered, Praise Jesus!

Please subscribe and partner with us for updates of the ministry. We have reported many miracles and testimonies of the people whose stomachs are filled with joy! Praise Jesus Christ, amen. 

Heal the Nations with us

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