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Welcome to the House of Prayer


Shopping can be fun.. 

What a gentleman for helping me with the heavy food product. The Scooter Taxi Driver went the extra mile. Then after hearing the good news about the blessing from the Lord Jesus Christ, the Driver gave his life to Christ!

Many miracles are happening everyday, Partner with us for special updates. 

Nothing like Sharing.. 

Give and it shall be given to you. Our sister has received essentials and a new bed from our ministry, Praise Jesus! After receiving prayer, she has reported that she's disease free from HIV with medical records. 

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Feeding the hungry

Just this past Sunday in the month of September we feed more than 60 children and 40 adults during our Sunday Service. Without the support of our monthly partners, nothing of this would have been possible. Join us today as we preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all of Uganda, Africa!

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